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Check out this new nursery rhyme of kid friendly entertainment.


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iPad apps for 6-8 years old kids : This is my latest iPad project called Oh Mommy - Musical Storybook.

My Company

I have created a media content company called And along the way, I have developed a roadmap for the company's innovation strategy to keep the company stay innovative.

We sell a whimsical & musical storytelling that excite & personalize people using our media content creation

We create an intrinsic brand. And we craft our branded media content using creative mobile apps to outreach. Amin Kamis, mobile artist, visualizes brand as a visual narration that personalize, engaging and igniting. And we extract our stories into plots to create curiosity.

We provide a musical storybook that can sing for your children without your children to read.

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Singing Book for Kids

Singing Book for Kids
ipad apps for kids

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