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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Group A & B : Student Final Assignment Using After Effects CS4

This is the final result of my student's group A assignment using totally After Effects CS4. Each of the group consist of 4 person. They are all newbie.

Their task is to implement what they have learnt within 2 months short semester. They have spent 8 hours a week within 2 months to learn After Effects.

The students have put a lot of effort to learn about the skill but less in creativity. And of course they need to learn audio design too.


Based on the conclusion reports, while there are many different students’ capabilities in understanding the fundamental of the course, different students have their own unique strength in executing the projects. This is proven in terms where all the students use their understanding from what they have learnt to solve the project task with ease. The reasons for these are some of them have shown a very good point of interest in certain area such as skill application, creativity, problem-solved, adaptation & effort.

Majority of the student shown, that they would apply the skill from what they have learnt in the project task. They have applied the skill they learn and but less in adapting it to their new project task. These are very common to every newbie student. 

When it comes to efforts, students have shown great effort to overcome problem-solved assignment. This is considered to be a good indication because it would be easier to enhance creativity. The anticipation among those who have actively involved in effort making and problem-solved as they were asking lot of questions on problem solved when executing assignment. When those who did not actively involved in the team project would find it difficult to problem solve and yet struggling on multiple issue of learning curve. This is evident when most of the group project shown a respective great outcome than individual tasks. The only concern would be the allocating a task within a team member. But overall, team members produce a new strength in their own specific task in assignment. And each of them scores a different value point.

When it comes to hands on, it is valid to say that majority of the student prefer the group project compared to individual as this can help them to leverage on each other. Also this is important part of the creative industry as it is play an important role in teamwork management among the employee. When it comes to lecture, majority of those students said that they like what they are learning but less in understanding the fundamental of the software. They do not have a preference in the software. As a result, they must read a lot of reading material about the software and the industry that utilize the software. And also referring a tutorial on the Internet will help them a lot that cater a lot for the professional creative industry. Some of them have shown great efforts on these matters.

To conclude the observations, it can be said that most students are open to new skill set and techniques. This is as long as they are something that is interesting to learn and apply as well as more new tutorials discussed. When it comes to hands on, many have shown that they don’t have gut to try and error from what they have learnt and apply it to their project course. Those who have put a lot of effort by referencing through Internet will find it interesting challenges along the way. One way to overcome student confidence level is by implementing more tutorial in the class and minimizes the lecture session. These will help them to problem-solved and increase creativity rather than applying skill using tool available in the market.

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