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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TuneCore Artist : Let's Get Paid via iCloud Service

How Do TuneCore Artists Get Paid?

As long as your music is available to buy in iTunes, you get paid each time a subscriber re-downloads or streams your music via iTunes Match.
The amount TuneCore Artists get paid is based on a revenue share model similar to other stores we work with.
Each time your music is accessed via iTunes Match, TuneCore will pay you a proportionate share of the total subscription revenue generated by the iTunes Match service. This means you are paid each time a subscriber re-downloads and streams your music. The pay-out rates can fluctuate each month, depending on how much subscription revenue was generated and how often your music was re-downloaded and/or streamed. As always, TuneCore will pay out 100% of the revenue it receives for your music.
iTunes Match is New Way to Make Money
For TuneCore Artists, iTunes Match is almost like a new “store.” Each time a song you distributed to iTunes via TuneCore is re-downloaded or streamed by an iTunes Match subscriber, you get paid.
Therefore, as long as your song is available to buy in iTunes, you could, for example, decide to give that same song away for free directly to your fans. In fact, it doesn’t matter how or from where your fans actually got your music. If your fans use iTunes Match to re-download or stream your song, you get paid.
By the way, I am a TuneCore artist too :) And my song was streamed by these two stores Napster & Spotify. Visit my own song here.

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