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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic

1. Create a domain name (www.hahaha.com) that is easy to pronounce or say, spell, and remember. Be universal, that's one of the brand potato technique.

2. Put your website address on your T-shirt is very common nowadays. Instead, put QR code on your - T-shirt too.

3. Promote free WIFI to your selected crowded location and put a per-advertisement on it. McDonald had done it.

4.Create a Facebook fan page and like the highest numbers of fan that related to your field. You will see the viral effect. Don't just ask your friend to like. It's very hard to viral because your friend just support you from behind not the real customer.

5. Study the most valuable keyword and put it to your meta tag. Tips : Put  alt="keyword here", this might work. It works for me.

6. Create a free press release that related to your keyword. If your domain name is hahaha.com , always mention that in your PR named hahaha.

7. Content is KING but distribution is KING KONG too. Both are in the same ecosystem.

8. Make sure your website is mobile too.

9. Pitch your great idea to the forum or any related event. Hype it.

10. Do a video demo & put it on Youtube. And remember leverage on your competitor's keyword & put it on your title as a video title.


Think a domain name like a property developer. Then you will understand what I mean. To get a house within 300K in Klang Valley is very hard nowadays. So get your first asset fast so that you can impress from your stress daily work.

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