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Monday, December 12, 2011

Multitasking to the core

If this is an award, it is worth fighting for the award. Let's see the real pain to see the real money not the award.

1 - This month I do 3 mobile videos in a week for Telco’s.

2 - I developed iPad app from scratch learning from stackoverflow & some other tutorials.

3 - I do studio singing too using GarageBand & Logic Pro. No time using Reason though. Execute must really fast.

4 - I do free & paid Nokia web apps Series40 & WRT. Luckily this one is easy to execute.

5 - Do storyboard for a commercial bank. My partner will close a deal for this. I just do my part to help each other win the business.

6 - All the tasks above are concurrently executed.

How do i exit all these ?
[pain release]; this is iOS :)

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Singing Book for Kids
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