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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Sign of Procrastination

The Sign of Procrastination (This is based on my real observation)

1 - When you're getting married, you start to say this "Now, my responsible is double, I need to work harder". Well, it is obvious then. Single don't have leverage at all. But they never think of completing each other, sharing of financial, express gratitude, express love, say thank you, share your work life among each other and many others. It is supposed to make your life happy, easier and organized. Your money is her money by the way.

2 - You already make an appointment today, suddenly you say, "today, I think I can't make it because this & that with so many bias reason". Hey, it doesn't make any different or improve a better appointment. It just makes you feel incomplete & burdened by a new commitment. In fact, its double the commitment.

3 -  "Oh, never mind it is so easy. Let's leave it for the last one". You know what, you make yourself trouble at the end of the day because you will say oh it is so tedious....and you will say I suppose to finish it earlier. Now, you are trapped.

4 - "Yeah, I wanna be a millionaire too". All of us wanna be a millionaire. But, have you already make a $1. If you've made that, you will look for more such as $100 and so on.

To be continued...

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