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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Business Plan for Creative Startup

I'm preparing and refining a business plan for a potential investor.

Here is the main chapters that I'm working on.

1- Executive Summary - done
2- Products / Services - done
3- The Market - draft
4- Marketing Strategies & Sales - draft
5- Development - draft
6- Management - draft
7- Operations - draft
8- Financials - draft
9- Funding Request - done
10 - Appendix

 The first and the ending part is much easier than the middle part. Middle part is much tedious to digest especially those from creative background. You got what I mean really. It's like a story telling thing. Design the ending part first and the rest will be easier. It's just that it's tedious to do.

 I'm working on thing they expect to share in the rewards such as funds needed in short term, funds needed in 2 to 5 years, accomplishment of growth, estimated ROI, exit strategy, percent of ownership, milestones, financial reporting, involvement of investors on the Board or in management.

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