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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Backbone JS or Angular JS?

I am learning this open source web app frameworks especially Backbone. I started to familiarize this concept of MVC using this framework. Well, I need a product innovation that can be leveraged on my current startup. Anyone who live in KL/PJ that would like to join this hackathon? Let's build a mini startup & start leverage. Email hello@grabfixstudio.com for more.

Now I am understanding the Model chapter below:

1 Creating a model
2 Operating with model attributes
3 Operating with model identifier
Validating model attributes
5 Overriding getters and setters
Creating undo points to store/restore a model's state
7 Implementing workflow for a model
8 Using advanced validation in a model
9 Validating an HTML form
10 Working with nested attributes in a model
11 Implementing a one-to-one relationship

Anyone here working on Angular JS ? Well, tell me what's the coolest thing about Angular too.

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