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Monday, November 18, 2013

Collecting a 40% balance payment from client as entrepreneur

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Collecting a balance check from client is one of the tedious part in entrepreneur life. Most of the time they are purposely make the attitude of late payment until we've pushed them to do so. These are many reasons of my client so far:

1 - We've just finished some events & we haven't sign the check yet.
2 - We don't have enough time after we've just finished our event.
3 - Can we make it next week?
4 - I will ask my account manager to proceed the payment.

But you know what, they have broken their promises. And this is my offer to them.

"Please be reminded that we are operating like a bank. If some of our clients have promised the balance payment late. The clients will be put into a debt record and probably in the near future we will not interested to take any projects from the same client. From our lists, there is one client that we had blacklisted already. This is not to scare you but I am doing my professional job as the founder & business owner. With that we will disable your services available with us until we get the balance payment."

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