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Thursday, November 14, 2013

I have been pitching for more than 10 pitches & more now

Since 2010, I have been pitching for more than 10 pitches now to any government agency, VCs or angels. But none of them come to end conclusion. Since then, I do believe bootstrapping is the hardest way to sustain my journey. But the good thing is, it keeps me in urgency mode &  a sense of ownership. That's the most important thing. By now, my knowledge of entrepreneurship has valued me more than my cash flow that I am supposed to earn. And that's intrinsic value cannot be earned from any universities or colleges. I really feel blessed that I managed to finish my Diploma in Computer Science & a Degree in Film & Animation with an average grade. If you noticed that carefully, both courses are equally important because I can utilize both my left & right brain simultaneously for my entrepreneurship journey.

I am very talented person that is hungry for knowledge. Programming is not my thing, but you can really learn fast with that foundation that you have. If you're hungry things are really fast to learn especially in this millennium world. I use the power of leveraging in my organization. It is a small organization of duo play with multiply of duo play. Sounds weird, but it's actually four. There is NO pushy attitude in our organization. The only thing that I have is delegator which resides inside me. Sometimes, you need to be pushy a little but not all the way. Delegation is most important thing when you are small. Again do not operate like a big corporation, be your own boss term & so on. And do not start procrastinate! And please stop it.

I started with a duo concept and I called a duo play mode. One is called a founder, myself and one is called a complementor, thing that can complement my weaknesses. Let put it this way, a singer with a guitar or a keyboard/piano will make you more stand out than without at least one instrument. Use your strength & start fully leveraging with your partner. Never underestimate the power of small. It works! If money is your obstacle, you need to double up your knowledge & be patient so that you do not need to outsourcing the simple ; "can do task" that can be done by yourself.

During the 2010 period, I managed to secure a B2B client. Two biggest B2B clients in my mobile content industry. The revenue shares was great, with win win solution. But again it sounds great for a start and from the moment the deal had gone through almost a year, after a meeting session with the B2B client regarding sales, it was so discouraging. The sales was zero. And the second B2B client was only managed to get two digit sales. What! Big corporation in my industry didn't guarantee you the sales unless the B2B client did the full fledge marketing; not just marketing but innovative marketing. I had terminated the agreement before it was expired. This is not a mistake journey or whatsoever. It is a learning process about studying your client's business model.

Sept 2011, I managed to secure another B2B client. This time, it gave me the sales but the highest sales that I could get was only four digits. And the revenue shares was 50% which was great. But it could only sustainable for a year. The business was not dying but the telco business model was not durable anymore. Some of the policies implemented by the industry was not attractive anymore for entrepreneur. The business model was already saturated. Since then, I started to diversify my strategy of distribution which was to distribute my IP (intellectual property) using mobile application to the apps store.

Producing my own IP was always the king in this internet world. But marketing was always the king kong in any business you venture on. Up until now, I had a 100 collection of media content that could be easily diversified. Again if I was producing an IP, I would make sure it could be diversified. It was not about a better product but it was also an inspiring and emotional product that people care. From that moment, I am bootstrapping all the way.

to be continued...

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