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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Free Kids Music Video Puzzle app for One Week

Need an app that will entertain your kids for several hours? Check out this kid friendly entertainment.

This app is targeted for the eldest kids aged 9-11, a kid's musical storytelling app with 2D character-based animation that is sure to entertain with its whimsical music plot. This app will help your kids to create a musical story with music puzzle feature. Finally, when he or she has successfully completed the 12 pieces of music puzzle, a music video will be revealed as a reward and be entertained after had hard time figuring it out the simple yet not so simple task. All the visual part may look identical but the musical part is not so identical. If your kids can figure it out based on the whimsical melody, he or she will solve the music puzzle very easily.

Download this musical storytelling app with a music puzzle that kids need to solve in order to view the full kids animated video, one filled with excitement and engages kids to keep on watching and stay put. We guarantee that your kids will fall in love with it. And so will other kids! 

This is a must have musical storytelling entertainment for every parents for their kids.

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Singing Book for Kids
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