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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Oh Mommy : Android Musical Storybook for Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day on this 11 May 2014.

Oh Mommy is an interactive singing animated storybook that can sing along in front of your children with the musical reading concept instead of just reading like a normal read me storybook app.
Each of the pages will automatically turning on the musical reading for your children that are easy to sing along with. Children can sing along accompanied by the great voice talent with the help of a whimsical music and lyric. And all the pictures are animated and synchronized with the lyric.
Along the way, children may not remember the melody of each pages and a picture sequence. With that, this app can help your children by playing a music puzzle for them to test their memory by dragging and dropping all the pictures surrounding them into the right sequence in order for them to recognize the full song and keep on singing limitlessly.
Oh by the way, "Oh Mommy" is a new fresh nursery rhyme that you never heard before. Let's this app sings for your children during the bedtime. Just let the book sing for your kid's bedtime or during playtime.

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