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Thursday, November 2, 2017

What is the Bootstrap Entrepreneur?

The bootstrap entrepreneur that depending on their financial capability based on whatever immediate recourses that available especially credit card, one-year saving including unit trust, insurance income, stock income, any passive income accumulated, dividend or any other income that can substitute the entrepreneur's account receivable in order to sustain the daily business cash flow. Besides, the entrepreneur can also provide their core services or expertise to any prospects in order to build their innovative product along the way while sustaining their daily operation. The bootstrap strategy may not suitable for all entrepreneurs out there because it is way too slow to generate a profit. Some may prefer to pitch their idea to angel investor or venture capital firm. It depends on your goal whether bootstrap or VC/angel fund is the way forward. Either way is right for you.

In today's cryptocurrency or blockchain world, we entrepreneur can now leverage on this innovative way to generate passive income in Bitcoin. And I am excited to be in this cryptocurrency world now.


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Sam Smith said...

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